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The Glade

The Glade Cycling Club is now in the process of re-establishing itself and membership is based around Epping, Essex. The Club is for cycling enthusiasts who simply enjoy riding their bikes and are interested in doing a wide range of activities. The majority of riding is done on the road, however we do a bit of Off-Road and Track racing.

The Glade has the ethos that if each member does something the other members can benefit from then the club will succeed. What the club does is decided by what the members do. At the moment the club only has a small membership so limits the amount the club can do, but hopefully that will change. The club has a few essential functions. The Club's main purpose is to provide regular group rides on the road. At the moment most of our members race so the rides are orientated around training. There is training rides on Wednesdays and Saturdays and club runs on Sunday. In the winter months the rides are fairly long 70+ miles and relatively quick, but in the summer the rides become more leisurely. The majority of rides we do end up in a Cafe or a Pub.

Other than riding, training and racing we try to find more inclusive, sociable, activities such as the Club Night, currently once a month. We do many activities throughout the season which include things like:

- Ride to watch Ghent Wevelgem Pro Race in Belgium
- Week tour in the South of France to watch the Tour de France
- Cyclosportifs both here and in Europe
- Other tours in the UK
- Non-Cycling holiday to watch the World Road Championships
- BBQs and Nights out

Eventually you will be able to read more about: Rides, Tours, Social Events and Racing.



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